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Recording Calls

Recording Calls
Call recording helps you provide first-rate customer service, perform efficient quality control, improve call flow and routing, and identify quality leads on all of your inbound calls.
Using call recording for your business
Recording inbound and outgoing calls gives you a complete view of the interactions between customers and your representatives, allowing you to pinpoint and record the portion of the call that’s most beneficial for your business.

Gain valuable insight as to what are the callers’ most frequent questions, recurring issues or greatest areas of need. Ensure your team consistently provides strong customer service by checking on how representatives manage customer calls—you can even use the records for training purposes and to identify best practices on-call.
Key features of call recording
Whole call recording: Fine-tune interactions between customers and representatives by getting a comprehensive look at the inbound call process from start to finish
Pre-transfer call recording: Improve call flow by knowing when to and how to route calls; understand how your customers navigate an IVR system.
Post-transfer call recording: Maintain the quality and efficacy of your representatives by capturing how they handle customer inquiries; for lead generation, post-transfer recordings help you determine which inbound calls are quality leads
Call recording regulation compliance: Stay in compliance with local, state and federal call recording regulations by creating an audit trail to capture “full disclosure” notifications and acknowledgements for each call.
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