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Queue Stats

Queue Stats
For many users of Livi, they are using Queues to handle support calls or calls in general. In most cases they don't require live statistics like a call centre does, in fact many just want a report to provide to management to support their case for more staff or show how advertising is affecting their call rates. These reports might be typically run at the end of the month.
Queue Stats perfect for this situation. You can have it generate them hourly, daily, weekly, its up to you. The reports are rich in graphs showing calls missed, calls answered, typical time to answer etc, etc.

Reports including:
Report Info
Answered Calls
Answered Calls by Agent
Total Time per Agent (secs)
Number of Calls per Agent
Service Level
Answered Calls by Queue
Disconnection Cause
Unanswered Calls
Unanswered Calls by Queue
Call Distribution per day
Call Distribution per hour
Call Distribution per day of week
Call Counters
Call Duration
Outgoing Calls
Outgoing Calls by users
Incoming Calls
Incoming Calls by users
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