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IVR With Time Conditions

IVR - Interactive Voice Response
Create automated IVR phone menus to route calls, qualify leads, process orders, and more using our interactive voice response software. Livi’s IVR provides a robust, yet easy.
Key Features
  • Application Generator with its own debugging capabilities.
  • Choose drag and drop functionality without requiring extensive programming projects cost
  • ODBC and other industry standard databases compliant
  • Flexibility of creating call flows and business flows which provides complete flexibility over the business processes and automation policies implementation
  • Intelligent call routing based upon skills, priority, and service level
  • Completely automated information retrieval and delivery through multiple medias and channels
  • Advanced networked enterprise voice mail system
  • Touch tone or rotary control
  • Play multiple message with menu prompts for greetings, announcements, text-to-speech, advertising, speech recognition.
IVR Destinations:
  • Applications Generator GUI Based
  • Get DTMF
  • Play voice Message
  • Record voice Message
  • Dialing out
  • Call Transfer
  • Voice Mail box
  • Access database support
  • ODBC Support
  • Fax
  • Text to Speech
  • Voice Recognition
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Time Condition
  • Busy Tones
  • Hang Up
  • Mobile
  • Ring Group
  • Queues
  • Trunk
  • Other IVR
  • PhoneBook Directory
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