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Callback and DISA

Callback and DISA
Auto Callback allows you to request notification when a busy line within your network becomes available. A distinctive ring will be used to notify you when the user is available.
Key Features of Callback:
As a subscriber of our customer engagement services, you can install a Callback button on your web pages in addition to the Live Chat button which you have already activated. When your website visitors experience the need to call you, all they will have to do is to click this button, provide their contact information and wait for a phone call. The User Chat Window can even track the status of the phone call in real time since it can instantly communicate to your live chat operators through an audible alarm that a customer is expecting a phone call. The phone call can be placed either through a VOIP solution that is pre-installed or through an external phone line. Other features of the Callback facility include:
  • Ability to log the call and archive all the notes written about the call for future reference
  • Custom graphics that clearly indicate the presence of the Callback feature on your website
  • Storing of the Callback request in case your live chat agent goes offline for just a little while so that the call may be placed immediately upon return
  • Simultaneous live chat and phone conversation
  • End-to-end integration with our live chat software
DISA Features:
DISA (Direct Inward System Access) allows someone calling in from outside the telephone switch (PBX) to obtain an "internal" system dialtone and dial calls as if from one of the extensions attached to the telephone switch. Frequently the user calls a number DISA number with invokes the DISA application. The DISA application in turn requires the user to enter his passcode, followed by the pound sign (#). If the passcode is correct, the user will hear dialtone on which a call may be placed. Obviously, this type of access has SERIOUS security implications, and GREAT care must be taken NOT to compromise your security.

If the password parameter is "no-password", then the DISA application will provide dial tone without first requiring a password. Obviously, this should only be done if the user's identity has already been proved by some other means or the set of numbers which can be dialed is tightly controlled.
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