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Call Routing

Call Routing
Update routing based on your office hours, set up a virtual call center to distribute leads to remote agents, direct toll-free callers to the nearest store, or prequalify leads before routing the call to your sales team.

Livi’s intelligent Call Routing service can be combined with other services in our suite, configured via an easy-to-use web interface and tracked in real-time reports.
Key Features of Call Routing
Route calls by schedule: Time of day, day of week
Looking to route calls by schedule? Using our simple interface, you can easily create custom routing for office hours, lunch, after hours, weekends, holidays and more.
Route calls by percentage: Set up a virtual call center
Set the percentage of calls you want to go to each sales rep. Then, use the real-time manager’s dashboard to see how many calls connect to each agent and which agent is in line for the next call.
Route calls by geography: Area code & zip code
Have multiple store locations or franchises? Do you lease out vanity phone numbers to customers in different areas? Seamlessly route calls to a single phone number by area code or zip code to the nearest location.
Route calls by caller ID: Route or screen specific callers
Want to screen calls and create custom routing rules for specific phone numbers? Livi enables you to route calls by caller ID.
Route calls by responses to IVR menus
Need a more advanced solution? Ask callers a series of questions using Interactive Voice Response and route them based on their answers. This option is especially popular for our lead generation and call center customers.
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