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Advanced Reporting System

Advanced Reporting System
Windows desktop application for Livi business intelligence (BI) and reporting on multiple Livi machines simultaneously.

Create powerful BI and drill-down reports for your Livi queues and CDRs. No installation needed on the PBX. Makes reports dynamic, so that you can create your reports the way you need them.

Queue Pivot Report Types
Queue Pivot Reports commands are available from the “main menu” and “most used commands” parts of the application’s main window, the “Pivot Reports” command.

There are six types of report configuration:
  • Calls
  • Agents and Queues
  • Agents
  • Agent Details
  • Contacts
  • Phone Numbers
Queue Calls Pivot Report
Queue calls report takes into account just a call, and ignores all other elements (agents, phone numbers and contacts). Below is a report displaying number of calls by queues, grouped by hangup and shown in a pie chart. Queue field is filtered. There is also a date filter active.

Queue Agents Pivot Report
This report is similar to the queue calls report, but it does not contain queues, only agents. Below you can see agents by number of calls, organized by exit event, and displayed in stacked area chart.
Queue Agents Details Pivot Report
Agents details gives you a detailed information about agents. It cares about each ring and adds it to the report. You may get more failed calls in this report because each “ring-no-answer” is considered as such.

You can see agents with number of calls, organized by week day, for just one exit event – RINGNOANSWER. This report lets you see how the day of the week affects agents answering the calls. The chart used is a column chart.
Queue Phone Numbers Pivot Report
Report displaying distinct phone numbers, and organized by Answered/Failed and week day, displayed in a stacked bar chart.
Queue Contacts Pivot Report
Contacts report is similar to the phone numbers report, but instead of phone numbers it contains contact names. You may see a similar report in Livi CDR Contacts Report. Contact names have been generated from Caller ID data.
Queue Pivot Fields
Quantitative fields (Fields that carry numerical values to be placed in pivot grid’s data area).
  • Count
  • Talk Sum
  • Talk Avg
  • Hold Sum
  • Hold Avg
Date and Time fields (Fields calculated from queue log file’s time stamps)
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month Name
  • Week Number
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Month
  • Hour
Calculated fields (Calculated by interpreting queue events)
  • Answered/Failed
  • Hangup
  • Exit
Element fields (Fields that hold agent and queue names, as well as Caller ID interpreted data)
  • Phone Number
  • Contact
  • Agent
  • Queue
Descriptive fields (Fields calculated interpreting additional parameters in queue log files)
  • Transfer
  • Entry Position
  • Exit Position
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