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Fax Server



What is the fax server that Livi provides?

It is a server connected by a number of phone lines as needed, allowing you to deal with sending and receiving faxes in your company in an easy way, where you can manage and follow up your faxes and search in an easy way, this system will save you a lot of wasted time so you can focus your interests on your main business and help making more profits for the company and develop it to be one of the leading companies in your field.



- The possibility of adding an infinite number of extensions
- The possibility of adding an IVR before sending the fax, let's assume ( Welcome to the company, to send a fax to the  financial department press 1 ,to send a fax to the sales department press 2 and to send a fax to the management press 3, and so on"
- Saving the company fax's number and the sender number, and it can be printed as a report
- The possibility of knowing the times of sending and receiving, and who sent or received a fax including the date of sending or receiving, with the possibility of printing a full detailed report in several forms like " Excel or PDF "
- Can receive the fax in an e-mail or more
- The possibility of adding unwanted numbers in case you don't want to send or receive faxes from them
- Sending international or local fax can be controlled in an explained features for each person
- Can control the time of sending and receiving faxes," and it goes like this: from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm the faxes will be sent to the first branch, and after 3:00 pm until the next day at 9:00 am the faxes will be forwarded to the second branch and so on"
- A voice message can be added for each department, let's suppose the following " To send a fax to the sales department please press 1, and after pressing 1 the voice will say: Hello, please send a fax to book the goods, and the section will follow up with you as soon as the fax arrives
- The possibility of using the unified number as a fax, which means if you have 8 lines and you have a unified number starts with " 9200 " and all lines connected to it, then you can receive faxes on the unified number directly and it also includes the free number " 800 "
- The possibility of receiving faxes on mobiles " SIM cards " especially in the remote areas or in the Sea, where the system - will deal with the SIM cards as Fax lines with all features mentioned here
- When receiving a fax you will also receive an e-mail with an attached PDF file, you can control the message content, for example " You have a new fax from Company X and the fax number is XX, and so on.. "
- When sending a fax, the system will send you an e-mail which informs you that the fax was sent or not, in addition of a copy of it in your attachments
- All sent and received faxes will be archived superbly where you can search using the following options " if the fax was sent or received " or " fax name " or " Company name " or " fax number of the company " or " which department was the fax - -transferred to or sent to " or " date and time... and so on " with the ease of search
- There will be a live screen that shows the fax activity at the same moment with the ability to see the branches activities and which lines are busy too
- The possibility of linking more than 64 fax line on the same system at the same moment


Questions and Answers:

Is there a program that can be installed on computers?
Yes, there is a small program that can be installed on laptops or PC which supports Windows and Mac, you can add the employees own settings or features, then you can send faxes from any program you have including all accessories " Windows or Mac " for example : if you have an excel file and you would like to send it to a company, so all that is required from you is to request a " print a fax order " then a screen will pop up asking you to enter the fax number and the fax will be sent immediately

Are there any additional features in the installed program?
Yes, there are many features listed in the following points:

- You can send a fax to one number or several numbers, for example you can send 1000 fax at the same moment, which is useful for ads and greetings

- The possibility of choosing the quality of the sent fax

- The possibility of choosing the size of the sent paper " A4 or A5 " and so

- The possibility of adding the number of attempt times, let's suppose when sending a fax and the line was busy, the system will re-try more than once depending on the number of attempts specified

- You can set the dates of the sent faxes, do you want to send a fax now ? or would you like to send it during a certain time or date ?, it's a wonderful service where you can prepare your faxes and send each one according to its history

- You can use a special cover page according to each department or by the fax nature, some of them are secret and some of them are some kind of greeting and so on, or you can directly write your cover page when you send the fax without any pre-preparation

- can review the fax before sending

- Each employee can review his sent or received faxes with the ability to see faxes that being sent in the exact moment

- In the sent fax Page you can see if the fax was sent or not ? if not, you can see if the line was busy or if it's a wrong fax number with the possibility of re-send with a single click

I want to send a very necessary fax and I don't have my laptop or my PC so I don't have the program, how can I send the fax?
Simply you need to log in to the server from any computer or laptop and enter into your own account, and through the screen you can enter the fax number and write your fax manually or if you have an attached file you can upload it easily, then the system will send the fax immediately and notify you by e-mail

I have more than one branch and I want to manage faxes from the main branch? Is this possible?
Yes you can, where you have to unify the fax numbers then the system will forward it or transfer it by the branch as already mentioned above

I have a place of business in a remote area and I do not have phone lines how can I send or receive faxes from there ?
There are two ways :

We can add mobile SIM cards to the system and it will work very normally as sending or receiving with all the benefits or features mentioned above
If there was linking between the two regions through the internet or a wireless or wire network, we can link it with your original fax lines in an easy way

Our business depends largely on faxes, and we have several fax lines, what is the best way to work using your system?
We can connect all of your lines to the server and then we manage your faxes through the system according to the features mentioned above

I travel a lot and I want to get a copy of the received faxes, Can I ?
Sure you can and all that is required from you is to have an account on our system to be able to receive faxes

What should I provide you if I bought the system ?
We will supply and install the server in your company and connect it to your network and all that we need from you are in the following points :

- A list of e-mails you would like to receive faxes on it
- Working fax lines from the telecommunications company
- Internet line

What is the price of the system and is it expensive ?
Never, our system prices are very acceptable and not expensive at all, all you have to do is to contact us on the listed numbers below or by e-mail and we will send you a quotation price directly

How much is the warranty period ?
Warranty period normally is a full 3 years

What is the system's percentage error ?
The system's percentage error is 0%, and it's impossible to lose any fax whatever the reason was

How can I contact you ?
All that is required from you is to use one of the ways described below or you can re-send this e-mail to sales@lib.com.sa and we will contact you and determine what is needed

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