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Welcome to this briefed presentation that explains the true meaning of Unified Communications, this system allow you to connect all communication systems such as audio, video also the printable and readable systems, where our unified communication system represent a collection of all modern communication methods and has proved that this technology serves any business smoothly and proved its reduction of wasted time and large expenses.

Through this Presentation you will learn about the characteristics of this this system and its capabilities, have fun watching our briefed presentation. 

Unified Communication Systems has many services such as :

- Telephony Calls
- Fax
- E-mails
- Calendar ( Agenda )
- Call Center & HelpDesk
- Audio & Video Conferences
- Video Calls
- SoftPhones Support
- Full detailed reports

Phones and communication system through the protocol VOIP
This feature allows you to connect  Phone Company or its subsidiaries through the lines of LAN or WAN (Internet), this technique is useful to provide communication between branches of the company and increase the benefits of sound clarity and reduce  costs and ease of linking as well as to ease the problems of technical support.
There is a large number of formats and privileges of the communication system, including regular phones, and wireless phones, and visual communication (Video), and as we see here in the video you can watch  many phones displayed on our website www.itnat.com. This innovation in products and multiplicity helps you choose what you want and what would you like it to be and how to succeed to choose what is best for you and your business success
Electronic Fax System
Fax system is still the backbone of communication between companies and individuals, because of its ease of use and ensure arrival, and it is also an accredited correspondent way between the official authorities.
Fax System lets you work with an infinite number of private transfers faxes, and you can control it simply and easily where you plug  fax machine directly so employees who don't own computers can use it, and you can download the system faxes to any number of devices you want, where receive fax to e-mail upon arrival in a PDF format , and you can send fax directly from your PC or laptop from anywhere in the world as well as receive it.
Its widely know that everyone uses E-mails in most of their communications and requests, and  this technique has become is the fastest way of communication between people and companies, and we all know how important it is for us in our daily lives. Our system allows you to use e-mails that merged with other communication systems such as saving the e-mails and make notifications and so on, where you can use your e-mail system using outlook, usnig webmail, also through iphone or android or BlackBerry 
Calendar ( Agenda )
In light of the evolution of business and congestion time meetings and activities of the dates and commitments, the necessaries to have a calendar or a private agenda is the adoption of appointments and follow-up business, and we all know that the departments in companies have a busy time during the week and days.
Through our offer we provide  you the right way to set deadlines for you and your team as well, where you can share time and appointments and recorded in a single system which ensures reduction in time
Call Center & HelpDesk
A lot of companies that depend on selling products and offering after-sales service needs call center systems , a system that allows you to monitor the calls and their results and the appointment of staff and technical support services as well as quality control of full technical support.
Advantage of our system boasts all the services related to this topic, reports and registration for calls and monitor the best technical support staff and the number of incoming and outgoing communication and others which are  unanswered, and the beautiful thing that you can see every thing you need in one screen
Audio & Video Conferences
It is known that the great importance of time especially in meetings that includes moving from a place to another and it is known that you can make just 3-5 meetings a day, but with our great feature you can make multiple meetings in audio or video easily just by installing one device in each branch so with this feature you can multiply your meetings by 2 or 3.
SoftPhones Support
Calls are not limited on mobiles or phone devices, but you can make your audio or video calls using a laptop or a PC by making it your extension, this feature provide with a great reduction of wasted space and you don't have to buy phones for each employee, and this feature is effective especially on customer support employees. .
Full Detailed Reports
After that we saw the most important characteristics of our system and what are the dimensions that you can take advantage of them, now we represent you with the most powerful reports system which by using it you can generate more than 100 different report, also you can export any report in a PDF or Excel format, and you can send your reports automatically each day or week to several employees.
Additional Features

- The possibility of making backups and restore them within 15 minutes
- The possibility of recording all incoming and outgoing calls
- The ability of using Iphone, Android in your system
- Make you own permissions
- Livi CRM Integration
- Link any number of phone lines ( Up to 128 line )
- Caller ID Support
- Link your security cameras with our system
- The possibility of linking many branches
- The possibility of hiring home employees
- The possibility of using SIM cards inetead of Phone Lines, and much more

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