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Contact Center

Here is a simple scenario shows the way our system works in handling incoming calls:

Caller: he dials the number and let’s assume 920000000
System: Hello, welcome to the Customer Care department, for English press 1 and for Arabic press 2.
Caller: pressed 1 for English
System: if you wish to communicate with the maintenance department please press 1, or 2 for sales and if you are looking for the nearest branch please press 4, for more information please press 5
Caller: pressed 1
System: Dear customer, we would like to inform you that this call is recorded to ensure quality of service
System: Dear customer, we would like to inform you that the customer service representatives are in service with other customers, and one of the employees will answer your call shortly
Employee: (in case this was a new customer) Hello, this is Ahmed how can I help you?
Employee: (in case this was an existing customer) Hello Mr.Ali this is ahmed how can I help you today?
Caller: I bought an air conditioner from your company and it is damaged
Employee: sir please give the invoice number or the product serial number
Caller: here it is 2122321232
Employee: ( at the same time ) Mr.Ali you bought the air conditioner in 2-1-2012 and your guarantee ends in two months, please give me your address ( if it was a new customer ) or for insuring your address is dist.X and street X ( if it was an existing customer )
Caller: Yes this is my address, when will your engineers arrive?
Employee: Mr.Ali you will receive a SMS in the name and number of the maintenance engineer and you will receive a number of 5 digits and we hope that you give it to him after he complete his job and he will also call you after two hours.
Caller: Ok thanks
Employee: have a great day and thank for dealing with us, and now I will refer you to the employees evaluation
System: Thank you, do you see that the employee has served you to the fullest? If yes please press 1, if not please press 2
Caller: 1
System: Thank you for your call


What did technically happen in scenario shown above?

Livi Call Center had registered the following Livi CRM had registered the following Reports
- Caller number
- Calling time
- Call duration
- Waiting duration
- The requested department
- Recording the call
- Registering the evaluation
- Registering the employee name
- Calling time
- Caller number
- Registering the ticket number
- Registering the engineer’s name
- Registering details about the product
- The employee’s name
- Working hours
- New or existing customer
- Ticket closed in win or fail
- Sending SMS
- Sending e-mail for one or several people
- A status will be under the ticket so the system can send reminders to related person
- After closing the ticket, a short message will be sent to the customer says thank you for dealing with us, and an e-mail informs the mangers that the ticket has been closed
Actually you can generate an infinite number of reports whether on the call level or the system level, for example:

Let’s say that we want a report shows the calls flow in Sunday, includes incoming and outgoing calls for a given employee in a given time. And you can generate all kind of reports through a simple screen.

And the availability in sending this report as a PDF or EXCEL file, and you can let the system send the report automatically every 24 hours or as you prefer.


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