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Cloud CallCenter

Features :

- web-based working screens
- an advanced Systems with Automatic answer, and several ways to receive the voice dialing
- A Queue Management System with many features
- The possibility in distribute the calls among the employees and staff in several ways, including ( the sequence distribution, - - a fair random distribution, the distribution to the least call receivers... and so on )
- The possibility of adding an audio record or an automatic answer before answering the calls.
- The availability of -the recorded message- feature ( when the customer wait for the client to answer the phone )
- The availability of -the Employee Evaluation- feature after the completion of the call
- The possibility of adding the customer waiting time to answer his call, let's say 5 minutes, if the time is up, the call will  transfer to the IVR, the manager ,or ask the customer to record a voice message
- The possibility of the international linking of Telecommunications (if the company has several branches internationally)
- The intelligent electronic system provides - the intelligent IVR - ( and so if the client has a participation number, he can request directly) similar to banks and other
- Record all incoming and outgoing calls, or one of them
- Live follow-up screens when making any call
- The possibility of entering the call at the same moment and listen to it by the manager of Call Center and listen to the call and interfere with the employee if necessary
the possibility of dividing the received calls by departments
- Reports screens in large numbers - up to 100 report -
- The possibility of linking the system with CRM, where it can shows the customer's name when he calls
- The possibility of linking more than a call center system to each other, and distribute the received calls between them
- Our system supports secure calling through the Internet, and on this you can hire female Customer care employees and they can work from their homes by linking them to the Call Center
- Each employee must log in to the system with a password
- The possibility of adding an infinite number of Extensions
- The possibility of making calls from laptops or computers
- The possibility of linking home phones or mobiles to the system
- The possibility of registering the incoming and outgoing phone numbers
- Add Extensions to telephones and mobiles
- Full detailed call reports



Easy to use :
any one with basic knowledge of using computers can manage the system and export reports easily


Renting system
You can ask for multiple numbers as you need ( 9200 ) or ( 800 )

Everything in one screen
You can generate more than 50 different reports, download and listen to every call and operate and monitor your calls live and much more
Your extensions works everywhere
You can use your extensions anywhere that has an internet connection
You can Manage your System from anywhere
If you were any place that has an internet connection you can log in to the system and listen to your calls or export reports.
Integrated With Livi CRM
We can provide with a professional CRM fully integrated with our call center system, to manage your clients and leads in an easy way.
Flexible Contracts
We have multiple subscriptions : 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
Ease of doing business with us
- The guarantees we offer are valid during the validation of the contract
- In case the system stops one day we well provide you with a three days for free
- You can break the contract in the first three weeks from the contract signing
- We will activate your system after 5 working days from the contract signing date
- We provide you with supervisor to help you in the first month
What are you waiting for, contact us so we can provide you with the best sloutions that meets your business


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