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What is Avaya?

Avaya is an advanced PBX and Call Center management system uses IP Telephony,, which is a new technology that allows you to connect your landlines in your company with the system, also connecting between branches easily without using any extra lines or systems in the branches, just you need one system and to connect lines once.

An Avaya IP Office small business phone system enables your entire organization to connect and collaborate in real-time, without limitations, using available and appropriate devices—including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.

1- Basic Edition
2- Preferred Edition
3- Essential Edition
4- Server Edition

Each edition has its own features and its own capabilities, for instance if you need connect more than 100 extensions then you must avoid the Basic Edition, also in case you want to enable the video calls feature then you will need the Essential Edition, but if you want to have a call center system you must purchase the Server Edition,,, for more information about each edition features please contact us.
General Features:

1- Connect Branches
2- The possibility in using Analog, Digital and SIP phones easily
3- Integrated Call Center System for Server Edition (Advanced Edition)
4- Connecting more than 64 Analog Lines
5- Integrated with Exchange Server
6- Advanced Reports System
7- Softphone for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
8- No need for programming experience to use the system
9- The possibility of using Wi-Fi for SIP extensions
10- Easily moved and transferred, no need for special treatment or handing
11- Record Incoming and Outgoing calls
12- You can create groups for each department
13- You can use a toll free number easily (9200)
14- The availability of making conference calls
15- Forward calls to any other extension or even to your mobile
16- Each employee can create his own contacts list
17- You can program any phone easily, no need for help
18- You can easily create backups and restore
19- An advanced IVR system (Auto Attendance)
20- Control your working hours easily
21- And many other features that we can provide you based on your needs and upon request

Some features in Preferred and Server Edition

Avaya One-X

This program support SIP protocol so you can use it on any device such as Windows, Android, iOS or Mac, this feature allow you to use your extension using Wi-Fi and in any place inside the company or any other branch, it has a video calls availability also you can create your contact list or add more than one extension.


Avaya Flare

It is an amazing and wonderful beautifully designed program, currently only working on iPad, supports IM chat, Messages, audio calls, video calls, audio conference calls and video conference calls.

Live Panel

This screen is specially designed for Call Center purposes, controlled by the supervisor, using this screen you can design your own panel, which means you get to choose what you want to appear on the screen such as (number of answered and unanswered calls, lost calls… etc.) also you can put this panel on a big screen in the call center department where the employees will be enthusiasts and you can create a competition methods between them.

Call Center Reports

It is and advanced system designed to help you in analyzing your reports, and take the right steps regarding your business, this system has a lot of features such as you can create and design your own report without any help, also you can schedule your report to be sent regularly each week or month to your email or several emails and it will be delivered in an Excel or PDF format or both

Q & A

What is your after sales services?
5 visits, 3 urgent visits and phone and e-mail support

I have a small company, do I need this system?
Of course, establishing a regular system will cost you, also if you need to implement an IVR or make extensions you wil have to bring a special engineer and this will cost you each time

I have many branches how can I use this system regarding this matter?
By using a very speed internet connection or some connection methods such as VPN, you will save more than 70% of establishing new system in each branch

Do I get a warranty?
Yes, 3 years

I don’t have any programming skills, can I run the system?
Yes, you can easily create extensions, groups, program phones also make IVR’s
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